Filadelfia: core values, vision statement and strategies

Filadelfia: core values

Filadelfia’s core values are based on a holistic approach, respect and innovative thinking.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach is essential to the maintaining of cohesion in the organisation. Holistic thinking must take its point of departure in the patient/user needs and requirements, in order to ensure that our services are of the highest possible standard. Holistic thinking also supports the efforts that we apply to ensure that we are an organisation in a continuous state of learning and development. Our efforts are based on active utilisation of the accumulated knowledge and experience of the members of our staff. A holistic approach promotes the understanding that every member of our staff is valuable, and that all departments and institutions are perceived as equally important.


Unconditional respect towards each person as an individual is – and must be - the foundation upon which all work is undertaken at Filadelfia. Fundamental respect applies to our collaboration with patients, clients and residents as well as to relations between the members of staff, medical fields and internal/external departments. We meet others with an open mind, with a transparent agenda and with the ability and desire to understand their actions and their way of thinking.

Innovative thinking

Change is an integral condition of our times. The willingness and readiness of organisations to develop and innovate are essential to their continued existence. Innovative thinking, continuous development and a readiness to change are inextricably connected – and they are all desired and requisite to the realisation of Filadelfia’s vision statement. Innovative thinking, both internally and externally, is aimed at positioning Filadelfia as an acknowledged leader in our field, both nationally and internationally.

Filadelfia’s vision statement and strategies 2021

Filadelfia is the nationally leading highly specialized Epilepsy hospital and specialized rehabilitation center for people with epilepsy and acquired brain damage.

In daily speech: Focus on the brain - with the heart.

Filadelfia has a clear ambition towards 2021. We want to be a leader in epilepsy and acquired brain damage. And we will create coherence between our own offerings and external partners. We have five coherent perspectives that we must achieve. They set the direction for our work for the benefit of patients and citizens.

At the same time, the foundation was laid for the development and connection of Filadelfia's activities and 'value chain' ranging from diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, counseling and research - for patients and for clients or citizens. For the Epilepsy hospital, the social day and day care and special school.

The five perspektives 

We must invent new workflows, provide better and more efficient treatment, strengthen the coherence of our services, develop new offers and research. At the same time, we must be professional and an attractive partner. Five perspectives must ensure Filadelfia's position at the forefront for the benefit of patients and citizens who need investigation, treatment and rehabilitation within epilepsy and acquired brain damage.

  1. Top quality and services
  2. Among the best for research and development
  3. In front as a partner
  4. High value and efficiency
  5. A sustainable and responsble organization