Adults with epilepsy – Neurological Department

Diagnostics and treatment of adult patients with epilepsy are carried out by our specialised staff, at the Epilepsy  Hospital (Filadelfia).

Patients follow a comprehensive patient programme, and a cross-disciplinary approach ensures that the highest standards are observed both as regards quality and efficiency. We apply the latest medically documented knowledge and equipment. Observation of patients is used for diagnostic purposes. Observation procedures include the use of video recordings.

The only medical facility of its kind in Denmark

Several wards, an outpatient clinic and certain patient programmes are linked to the Neurological Department.

The Department for Psychotherapy (Epilepsy Hospital) is the only medical department in Denmark that offers patients with epilepsy and  associated/co-occuring psychiatric diseases/conditions and PNES patients  a specialised and targeted inpatient treatment programme.

The Department for Epilepsy with Associated/Co-occuring Disability is the only medical department in Denmark that offers inpatient treatment programmes that include long-term observation during hospital admission.

Psychosocial diagnostics and rehabilitation of epilepsy patients also constitutes a unique inpatient diagnostics and treatment programme that is carried out at the ward for adults with epilepsy.