About Filadelfia

The only epilepsy hospital in Denmark

Approximately 50,000 Danes have epilepsy – and the number epilepsy cases increases every year.


  • Is the only highly specialised Danish hospital in the medical field of diagnostics and treatment of patients with epilepsy
  • Specialises in the treatment of patients within the related medical fields of acquired brain injury and sleep disorders  
  • Runs specialised social programmes for inpatients and outpatients 
  • Operates the only special school for children and young people with epilepsy in Denmark

Long-standing focus on epilepsy

Filadelfia’s expertise is based on many years of specialisation in diagnostics and treatment of patients with epilepsy. Long-standing specialised focus has resulted in the attainment of the highest level of medical expertise in the fields of diagnostics, treatment, special care, attendance and support of patients diagnosed with epilepsy and/or acquired brain injury.

Experts within the fields of acquired brain injury and sleep disorders

Diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy has led to the development of expert competences in other fields, i.e. acquired brain injury and sleep disorders. These specialised areas are closely related to the field of epilepsy, as all three medical areas are based on the study of conditions/disorders of the brain.