Dianalund International Conference on Epilepsy

Røntgenbillede hoved

10.12.2015 - Filadelfia News

Dianalund International Conference on Epilepsy


14-15 April, 2016 – Comwell Hotel, Sorø (Denmark)

Progressive myoclonus epilepsies (PME) encompass a wide spectrum of clinically and genetically heterogenoeus epileptic conditions, whose core features are action myoclonus, generalized seizures and progressive neurological decline. Clinical diagnosis of specific forms of PME can be challenging, particularly at disease onset, because of phenotypic similarities and overlap of symptoms with other epileptic and degenerative diseases. Recent advances in molecular genetics have helped to diagnose several forms of PME and to achieve a better understanding of the different disorders that cause them. In addition, in recent years new types of PME have been described and genetically characterized, identifying new genes, such as for instance SCARB2, GOSR2, ASAH, KCNC1 whose mutations can cause a PME. The main aims of this conference are to provide an updated overview of the currently recognized forms of PMEs, to illustrate their genetic background, with a particular focus on genotype-phenotype correlations, and to discuss the proper diagnostic process and therapeutic approaches.


S. Berkovic (Australia), L Canafoglia (Italy), L Dibbens (Australia), S Franceschetti (Italy), E Gardella (Denmark), P Genton (France), H Hjalgrim (Denmark), R Kalviainen (Finland), M Kolmel (Denmark), A-E Lehesjoki (Finland), H Lerche (Germany), E. Mervaala (Finland), R Michelucci (Italy), S Mole (UK), M Muona (Finland), R Møller (Denmark), K Oliver (Australia), ), G Rubboli (Denmark), J Serratosa (Spain), CA Tassinari (Italy).

Scientific Committee

  • Guido Rubboli
  • Rikke Møller
  • Helle Hjalgrim
  • Anna-Elina Lehesjoki
  • Elena Gardella
  • Margarethe Kolmel

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Generel information

The venue of the conference is Comwell Hotel which is located in Abildvej 100, Sorø, Denmark. The conference will start on April 14th, 2016 at 8:45 and will end on April 15,th, 2016 at 14:00.

Comwell Hotel is about 4 km distant from Sorø railway station. Sorø can be reached by train by Copenhagen (about 50 minutes). Sorø is also directly connected by train to nearby cities, Slagelse (about 15 minutes) and Ringsted (about 15 minutes). Public bus are also available.

Highway E20 connects Sorø to Copenhagen (about 1 hour drive), Slagelse (about 20 minutes drive), Ringsted (about 20 minutes drive).

A limited number of rooms are available for the participants at a discounted price at Comwell Hotel. For reservation contact Mette Anker Hansens e-mail specifying that the reservation is in connection with the conference.

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Please send the filled registration form to Alice Bøjlund Lyseen.