Facilities for patients and relatives of patients

Beautiful surroundings

Filadelfia is located in scenic park-like surroundings. The area covers about 30 hectares (about 75 acres). The area includes a number of facilities that are available to patients, residents, employees and guests.

Outline map: Filadelfia

Download outline map: Filadelfia.

Free internet access

Inpatients, outpatients, relatives of patients and visitors can get internet access via the wireless guest network hosted by the Region of Zealand. Contact department staff to get a personal user ID and a password.

Kitchens - Canteen

You can buy open-faced sandwiches, full sandwiches, hot meals and mix-it-yourself salads (salad bar) in the canteen. The typical price range is from DKK 10.00 to DKK 40.00

Opening hours (canteen):  all normal work days from 10.30-14:00.


You can buy sweets; chocolate; newspapers and magazines; beverages; various items for personal hygiene; postcards and postage; calling cards; “Mobiltid” kits etc. The shop also serves as the sales venue for items produced in the workshops in Filadelfia’s Centre for Rehabilitation and Development. You can also get copies of the current bus and train schedules in the shop. The kiosk offers gift items, arts and crafts and items produced at Filadelfia’s Centre for Rehabilitation and Development.

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday from 10.00 – 14.00; Fridays from 09.30 – 12.30.

Patient hotel

Patients, relatives of patients or course participants can rent accommodations at the patient hotel. Rooms include shower and access to the kitchen at the hospital’s patient hotel. It is also possible to make arrangements with the patient hotel for meals. Rooms are primarily reserved for parents of older children/young people admitted to the hospital and outpatients. Parents of young children can be co-admitted to the hospital together with their child. Rooms include a service package consisting of: a comforter/duvet, pillow, bed linen, 4 bath towels and a bag for clothing. The rent includes room cleaning.

Recreation centre

Filadelfia’s recreation centre (Elmegården) provides facilities for various physical activities, e.g. badminton, tennis and miniature golf. The recreation centre consists of a multi-sports arena and a fitness centre.

Multi-sports arena

The facilities of the multi-sports arena are available to patients on normal weekdays from 9.00 – 15.00. Dianalund I.F., Dianalund B.K. and Filadelfia’s sports club use the multi-sports facilities from 16.00 – 22.00. In the weekends, the sports arena is booked for sports events and sport tournaments.

Fitness centre

The fitness centre is available to patients on normal weekdays from 9.00 – 15.00. The centre is open to employees and external members after 15.00 on normal weekdays.


Playgrounds are located close to the Department for Children with Epilepsy (the Neuropaediatric Department). The playgrounds are available for children admitted to the hospital and others connected to the hospital. The playgrounds have been designed to stimulate and arouse curiosity and encourage children to challenge themselves – both motorically and sensorically. Playground features include a teddybear that the child can climb into, a water course, play houses, sandboxes and snake hill with a slide, a bonfire ring, swings, moon-cars, banana bicycles and a ball court.

Other institutions (not connected to Filadelfia) may also use the playgrounds, if they make a prior arrangement with Filadelfia. For information and/or agreements regarding the playgrounds, please call Filadelfia on telephone number: +45 58 27 11 01 (Section West) or +45 58 27 11 03 (Section East).

Filadelfia’s church

The church serves patients, relatives of patients and others. It is open during the day and you are welcome to stop by. If the church is closed, you can get a key at the Centre for Diaconal Healthcare and Leadership on the first floor. Hospital Chaplain, Margrethe Brodthagen, has telephone number: +45 60 65 99 34. A service is held at the church every Sunday at 10.30. You are very welcome to attend the service. The church is accessible by wheelchair.


Filadelfia’s premises lie on the borders of Tersløse Bøgeskov (Tersloese Beech Forest) that provides for excellent scenic walks.


Filadelfia has its own museum. Opening hours: every Wednesday from 14.00 – 16.00 (admission is free) and after prior arrangement.

Other shopping facilities

Filadelfia is located a couple of hundred metres from Dianalund’s shopping centre.