Patient hotel

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We have a number of small rooms at our disposal. The rooms are located in patient hotel Nybo. Accommodations are primarily reserved for parents of patients and outpatients.


Call +45 58 27 11 40 or +45 58 27 11 43 to book a room – or send an email to:

Please remember to inform us if you wish access to WiFi or if you need us to prepare an extra bed in your room.

Check that a room is actually available before you book.

Arrival and departure

You will have access to your room from 13.00 on the day of your arrival

The key must be picked up no later than 15.30 on normal workdays and no later than 13.30 if you arrive during a weekend.

You must leave your room no later than 09.00 on your day of departure.

You pick up the key at Mad & Møder (Food & Meetings), Værkstedsvej 5, DK-4293 Dianalund. If you arrive after normal opening hours (i.e. after 15.30) it is possible to arrange to pick up the key in one of the hospital wards.

On the day of your departure, leave the key to your room in the mailbox outside the main entrance of the patient hotel.